Assignment: Earth

The stay in Strasbourg was relatively short. Jarmo Dorak went from BASIS ATLANTIS to the HEXAPHYRON of the ASTROCOHORS ONLINE department. From there he went to Strasbourg to go to the headquarters of ASTROCOHORS EU. Everything on behalf of ASTROCOHORS CLUB. Very confusing to outsiders. But it was the same job. Now he was standing in front of Stance Necoora, who was currently responsible for this department.
“What did you do with your hair?” Asked Necoora as an introduction.
In fact, Dorak looked kind of like Ludwig van Beethoven or Albert Einstein. His hair hung long down the sides of his head.
“That was an accident,” explained Dorak.
“An accident? Oh, but not from our specialty department?”
“Yeah, right. I was told my skin was too pale and my hair too short for the job. So I’ve had treatment since New Year’s Eve. And that’s the result.”
“A sunburn and long hair, wow.”
“Yes, and I hope that won’t affect the job.”
“I do not think so.” Necoora grinned.
“And what’s the job?”
“I think you’re getting tired of traveling from one place to another … but it has to be one last time. We’re going to send you to a place where you can do research. And then you’re supposed to make this research public. “
“What is it about?”
“We saw the reports that you wrote. The Tintin thing. And the report on the European comic magazines. Here in Strasbourg, people think we should be a little more confident. Everyone may think that Americans are the comic culture per se. Show the world the European face of comics. But don’t skip the dark spots. “
“That sounds interesting indeed.”
“We have a hotel room for you here in town. Tomorrow a taxi will pick you up and take you to your destination. There you will find enough books for the research. Immerse yourself in the world of Spirou, Lucky Luke and Asterix.”
The two spoke more precisely about the job. Then Jarmo Dorak went to the assigned hotel.

The next day he was picked up by a taxi and taken to his final destination.


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