We proudly present …

Est Europa nunc unita
 et unita maneat;
 una in diversitate
 pacem mundi augeat.

 Semper regant in Europa
 fides et iustitia
 et libertas populorum
 in maiore patria.

 Cives, floreat Europa,
 opus magnum vocat vos.
 Stellae signa sunt in caelo
 aureae, quae iungant nos.

- Hymnus Latinus Unionis Europaeae

Europe is united now
 United it may remain
 Our unity in diversity
 May contribute to world peace.

 May there forever reign in Europe
 Faith and justice
 And freedom for its people
 In a bigger motherland.

 Citizens, Europe shall flourish,
 A great task calls on you.
 Golden stars in the sky are
 The symbols that shall unite us.

- Latin Hymn of the European Union

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