Brave new World?

He was an officer from ASTROCOHORS. And now he was here, at the center of the European Union. Some would say at the center of power on the European continent. But that was still being discussed, although it was clear that national solo efforts would have no future. The problems that lay ahead could only be solved by humanity together. Stance Necoora looked at the building and was impressed. January was not necessarily the warmest month in Strasbourg, but it was necessary that he meet with his contact outside. The conversation should be short, and there should only be two of them. That was a little difficult at the moment in a building like the European Parliament. The pandemic prevented normal contacts.

But Stance already saw that someone was coming from the building towards him. Just like him, the person wore a mask over their mouth and nose. The number of infections had not decreased that much in the last few weeks, so it was important to strictly adhere to the protective measures. Even here, where the two met outside the building. The man stopped at a safe distance from Stance.
“You are Lieutenant Stance Necoora from ASTROCOHORS?” He asked.
“That’s right,” replied Necoora. “Are you Count Adalbert von Hohenkrabbstein?”
“Yes … no,” said the other. “Please leave the count out. It’s just embarrassing. I am a democratically elected member of the European Parliament, not some feudal lord. It is a shame that there are still former nobles who insist on such titles.”
“Then how can I address you?”
“Call me Adalbert. That’s enough.”
“That is against the protocol. We are here on an official matter. I think I’ll leave it with Mr. von Hohenkrabbstein if that’s not too intrusive.”
“Whatever. What message do you have for me?”
“You noticed that we had various problems at ASTROCOHORS, just like here on earth.”
“Yes. How would a man of the Church say it? ‘As in heaven, so on earth.'”
“In any case, ASTROCOHORS has recognized that more needs to be done. You know that the ASTROCOHORS CLUB department is responsible for educating the Terrans so that humanity can move into a better future?”
“Yes, I’m familiar. I’m just afraid that not all of the Terrans are willing to accept this education. My job as a liaison with ASTROCOHORS alone is attacked often enough. Every week I get a few emails from flat-earth idiots telling me that everything is just lies and deception. Together with the other emails from the idiots who deny the danger of the pandemic and send me death threats, that’s quite a lot. And that’s frustrating! Every conspiracy mystic from Gibraltar to Hammerfest has me on the poke. “

“Regrettable. Most regrettable,” said Stance. “Perhaps the action proposed by the headquarters will actually help. After the Lokubami thing has been settled to some extent, we are trying to become a bit more local at ASTROCOHORS CLUB. There will be a European department. It will be called ASTROCOHORS EU.”
Adalbert von Hohenkrabbstein nodded appreciatively. “That seems like a good idea to me,” he said. “What exactly is this department supposed to be?”
“ASTROCOHORS CLUB encompasses science, society and technology from all over the world, including Europe. We take the European contributions from them and process them anew. Maybe that way we can get more people to really think about it. And maybe we can win a few more people for them Thing. It can’t be more than an attempt. “
“But it’s worth a try!” Declared the MP. “The beginning of this year was bad enough. We have seen how fragile democracy is. That a few screaming primitives who follow the inflammatory speeches of an enemy of democracy can be stirred up very easily. Almost as if an empire had fallen apart.” Von Hohenkrabbstein smiled. “It’s almost a joke, but just as we need a vaccination against the virus from this pandemic, we need a vaccination for sanity. And that on many levels. Perhaps this action can be one of the vaccinations.”
“You put it very nicely,” said Necoora.
“Thank you. That is my job, among many other things. Do you have more detailed information about this department that I can make available to my colleagues?”
Necoora took a USB stick out of his pocket and handed it to the MP. “It’s all in there,” he said. “The beginning is today.”
“Today already? You’re quick. Hasn’t the situation with Lokubami and all that been clarified until today?”
“Yes. But as you said, you have to vaccinate people with common sense. And as soon as possible. Because when this pandemic is over, new problems will arise that urgently need to be solved.”
“I understand.”


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